Coming back?

Before leaving Italy to go to Denmark for EVS I didn’t think about how much difficult could be coming back home. That time, the most important thing was to survive in a foreign Country, alone.

 Human beings are really incredible. After a while you get used to everything: language, different buildings, food, environment. The strange, crazy, foreign Country becomes Home.

For the 1st time in my life, coming back to Italy, I understood what is Italy for a foreign and also for me… foreign in my Country… Hot weather, a lot of sunshine, old buildings, but also crazy drivers, stressed people interested only in their own life.

The point is: what’s really important? A huge house, a husband, a wife, children, gain money? Maybe for somebody. What about be open and polite with people just because we are all together in the same earth, in the same situation even if we don’t want to think about that. Life is a short trip and the aim is not running fast to arrive in the end but enjoying the road, sharing experiences with other people. Human beings need contacts with other human beings.

Yesterday, in the night I talked with a man has lost evrything in his life and he said “I’m alone, I have nobody, I lost everything, I have nobody”. Which kind of society have we created? People until pension time are “useful” and after that…???

Strange thoughts in my brain…. visions, reality, dreams, nightmares. Madness??? Maybe but I’ve never felt my eyes, my ears, my senses so open…

Coming back… Is possible? it’s a condition of a soul… not just a physical condition. I need time. I trust adjustment capacity of Human Beings… I’m waiting impatient..

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  1. No Giada, it is not possible to come back and be the same as we were… luckily!

    Travelling is a dimension of the soul rather than just physical, and along the journey you will find your way.

    Confusion is a good thing because it means u are ready for the next step, u are enlarging ur awareness and u r evolving…

    Keep the focus on urself and ur personal evolution, people around u r just characters in ur movie. It’s how u use ur mind that will determine the movie around u and will change also the perception of people around u. Let them be what they r, they r on their path and they r perfect as they r… u r only responsible for ur choices not others’. When ur vibration changes, either the people around u change accordingly or new people more similar to u will arrive… that’s the process of life. We had to learn early to let our loved ones follow their soul’s path, it wasn’t easy because we were small and unaware but we made it… eventually…

    I have just finished to read “The 5th Agreement” by don Miguel e Jose Ruiz, a masterpiece to increase our awareness… In italiano si chiama “Il 5° Accordo”.

    With love from ur cousin in UK…

  2. Hi, Giada…I was waiting for a new your post about your come back…:-)
    I was very happy to met you sunday evening! I agree with you when you sai that the life is a trip for make and sharing experiences…Also the come back to home could be an important part of the experience…I can understand the state of your brain. Is perfectaly normal, i think.
    I’m your friend and read your posts about your danish experience was very interesting…
    I hope to see you soon…I’m your friend and i’ll be there for you for everything you need. Ok?
    A big kiss and a big hug…


    PS: How was my english :-))) ?

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